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Recruitment Process

HR Mission

Our mission is to inspire employees to achieve their full potential and make SAL a fulfilling environment in which to work. We achieve this through attracting, developing, supporting and retaining qualified and competent personnel to ensure that we achieve our strategic business objectives.

Our People, Our Priority!

Our goal is to be an employer of choice, and we believe we have the resources necessary to make this possible. Besides a supportive environment, where great works are acknowledged and celebrated, we endeavor to offer a competitive remuneration commensurate with peoples’ skills, knowledge and experience among other factors
Talent Development.
We strongly believe in continuous professional and personal development through formal training and non- training interventions. We support the talent development of our employees through professional development, career development, and improved performance management.

We offer a supportive corporate culture and offer a range of excellent benefits. We promote the achievement of “work-life” balance and wellness in our employee community.

We have developed robust recruitment strategies and efficient recruitment processes to ensure that we attract and retain the right talent.

We have also enhanced the effectiveness of our “on board” programs to ensure that all the new hires are well equipped and integrated into the Sameer Africa Limited family as fast as possible.

Performance Management

We embrace a performance based culture that aims at promoting greater leadership capabilities in line with our strategic objectives. The Company uses the Balanced Score Card to support corporate, functional and individual goal setting and career growth to achieve our objectives. It is through this process that both high performers and areas for development are identified, including professional and career development and succession management using performance metrics.

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