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4x4 / SUV

We are arguably the leading tyre manufacturing company in Africa. We develop our tyres under the hard conditions of the African roads and we are so confident of the quality and reliability of our products that all of them are sold with a quality warranty.


Yana Stallion AT

Bias traction tyre design for excellent tractionIts continuous center rib guarantees directional stability. It is also famous for its massive tread bars which are great for traction in mud.


Yana Savannah

Proven all-time favorite on the challenging African roadsIts extra wide tread with a deep non – skid pattern gives it superior traction and safety in any kind of terrain (mud, soft- soil, snow) and also for highway use. One is guaranteed of excellent riding comfort and greater impact resistance for a longer life due to its two, stress-free and extra strong body plies.


Yana Moran

The ultimate 4x4 and light truck radial tyreMoran in Kenya depicts strength since it signifies a Masai warrior. Similar to its name the tyre guarantees maximum off – road traction due to its aggressive block pattern. It has excellent resistance to punctures due to its double reinforced strong flexible sidewall and its two high tensile tread ply steel belts.


Yana Stallion HT

The 4x4 tyre for highway terrain Characterized by a good foot print and tread pattern, Yana Stallion offers comfort and excellent handling on the highway. For traction in mud, it has massive tread bars. Its continuous centre rib is for superb directional stability.


Bridgestone Dueler

The key feature of the Dueler series is its sporty handling, great styling, comprehensive range of low aspect ratio tyres from 16” to 20”  and excellent road-holding on wet surfaces

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