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Agriculture Tyres

We are arguably the leading tyre manufacturing company in Africa. We develop our tyres under the hard conditions of the African roads and we are so confident of the quality and reliability of our products that all of them are sold with a quality warranty.


Yana Kilimo

A versatile farm and heavy haulage tyreKilimo’s aggressive reinforced tread lugs enable it to offer optimum grip, maximum stability and self-cleaning properties. The new 45˚angled tread lugs which are heavily buttressed,prevent side slip, offer high mileage and ensure minimum squirm in road use giving longer wear life. Yana Kilimo is a tyre of maximum strength and resistance to impact and penetration due to its strong nylon body plies. In addition it has optimum bead endurance, rim grip and enhanced carcass endurance due to its reinforced bead bundle.


Yana Lima

The toughest agricultural tyre
Yana Lima guarantees exceptional ability to withstand penetrations due to its new tread compound. Its robust and aggressive tread design angles it for excellent self-cleaning of mud and reliable traction through maximized contact with minimum slip for difficult farming conditions.


Yana Mavuno

Perfect steering front tractor tyre
Any tractor driver would agree to the fact that easy and accurate steering, control and stability and self-cleaning properties in muddy conditions are attributes to look for in a tyre. Yana Mavuno ensures all these and more because it has a ribbed tread pattern. Its T-Lugged shoulders promote additional grip in heavy soil conditions. A long tread life is guaranteed by its extra deep tread depth.


Yana Nguvu

All-traction farm tyre with a perfect grip
‘Nguvu’ is a Swahili name that means strength. Yana Nguvu remains true to this meaning since it ensures enhanced drive and braking forces transmission, maximum traction force from each bar without slip and enhanced mud displacement and flotation with minimum side slip. All these are made possible by its precisely spaced lug tread pattern. The famous 23 degree bar angle ensures continuous full width and double-bar to ground contact. Yana Nguvu has a multiple layered strong nylon body that guarantees maximum carcass durability and resistance to impacts and penetration as well as resistance to degradation due to moisture penetration.


Yana Mavuno Extra

Perfect steering front tractor tyre

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