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Light Truck / Van

We are arguably the leading tyre manufacturing company in Africa. We develop our tyres under the hard conditions of the African roads and we are so confident of the quality and reliability of our products that all of them are sold with a quality warranty.


Yana Kazi

Steel belted light van radial with proven performance in the commercial sectorYana Kazi’s aggressive four rib wide tread pattern guarantees a firm grip on both wet and dry roads, excellent wet traction and aquaplaning resistance. Excellent ejection of trapped stones/mud (self-cleaning is made possible through its V-shaped grooves). Modern technology two penne – cord steel belts reinforced with two nylon cap – plies provide better casing durability and outstanding wear resistance as well as superior impact and puncture resistance.


Yana Fikisha

Reaching new heights on Africa’s roads from the Cape winter to the Pharaoh’s desertsA prolonged wear life, greatly enhanced abrasion resistance and enhanced heat resistance through cool running cap and base tread combination are the key benefits we gain from the tyre’s unique tread compound. Its special 4 – groove tread design facilitates rapid water and mud ejection for higher traction and hydroplaning efficiency. The treads have specially angled grooves to resist stone trapping. Yana Fikisha’s strong resilient sidewall makes it resistant to external damage and kerbing.


Yana Faida

King of the most hostile terrainYana Faida is popular due to its flat and wider tread that facilitates improved wear efficiency, excellent resistance to irregular wear, higher resistance to heat build – up and bursts and superior dry and wet handling. Its reinforced and new design bead profile provides higher resistance to bead failure and superior endurance for fitment and removals. Higher traction/breaking and hydroplaning efficiency are some of the benefits gained through its optimized tread design. In addition, one is guaranteed of a higher wear efficiency and better wear appearance.


Yana Eagle Commercial

Steel belted, tubeless tyre for commercial light vansYana Eagle offers improved ride comfort and confident handling on wet and dry roads through its balanced bead and side wall construction. Its stylish and modern technology pattern design provides better water drainage hence excellent wet traction and aquaplaning resistance as well as upgraded grip and outstanding wear resistance. Improved puncture resistance and extra-long mileage is enabled by its two extra strong steel belts. Slow air leakage from punctures and less heat build – up is enabled by its advanced tubeless construction. Eagle is built with two extra strong steel belts which improve puncture resistance and guarantees extra-long mileage.


Summit Tosha

  • Provides service to your business at affordable price.
  • Advanced tread design for quiet, comfortable ride and long mileage.
  • Three wide grooves resist hydroplaning and is  perfect for both dry and wet road conditions


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