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We are arguably the leading tyre manufacturing company in Africa. We develop our tyres under the hard conditions of the African roads and we are so confident of the quality and reliability of our products that all of them are sold with a quality warranty.


Yana Milele Tubeless

Proven all-time favorite on the challenging African roads
It is famous for its quiet and smooth ride due to the running ribs on its tread. Milele’s recut tread and open grooves enable: Excellent wet traction due to enhanced water ejection ability, better water drainage hence excellent water traction and aquaplaning resistance and reduced heat build-up, hence longer tyre life. Its strong and flexible body cord improves high speed, lateral stability and impact resistance.


Yana Eagle

Stylish tubeless passenger car tyre for modern motoringIts long-chained wear resistant black tread compound ensures improved ride comfort and confident handling on wet and dry roads. Yana Eagle has a stylish and modern technology pattern design which provides better water drainage hence excellent wet traction and tread aquaplaning resistance. In addition, it provides better water upgraded grip and outstanding wear resistance. Some other attributes that the tyre is associated with are an advanced tubeless construction that offers low leakage from punctures and less heat build-up. Improved puncture resistance and extra-long mileage are guaranteed by its two extra-long steel belts.


Yana Monarch II

Steel Belted, tubeless, low profile performance tyreIt guarantees good handling at high speeds as well as great control maneuver owing to its continuous center rib. Its center spies enable good traction in wet conditions and its grooves provide excellent water drainage and a good wet grip. Monarch’s 5 Ribs tread pattern stiffens and evens wear.


Yana Falcon

A modern high-performance steel belted radial for speed, safety and good looksIt derives its outstanding high speed handling and reduced heat build-up through its computerized and comprehensive tread design. The tread design also enables it to have safe and sure braking even in wet conditions. Falcon has four wide straight grooves that provide enhanced water drainage hence excellent wet traction and aquaplaning resistance. Its two extra strong steel belts improve puncture resistance and extra mileage.


Bridgestone MY-01

A low profile tyre with a directional treads design to give a good balance between performance and touring. The low profile enhances the vehicle's steering response, handling characteristics and appearance.

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