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Truck / Bus

We are arguably the leading tyre manufacturing company in Africa. We develop our tyres under the hard conditions of the African roads and we are so confident of the quality and reliability of our products that all of them are sold with a quality warranty.


Yana Pamoja

Favourite rib-lug pattern with a reputation of reliabilityThanks to its sturdy rib – lug pattern, the tyre ensures increased driving stability and prevents side slip. Moreover, the lug – type pattern effectively transfers drive and breaking forces. Its high tensile nylon body plies boost maximum carcass resistance to penetrations and impacts. Excellent resistance to punctures on the tread and rough terrain impacts is ensured by its two high tensile tread ply.


Yana Marathon

The long distance all-position truck & bus steel belted radial tyre
Yana Marathon has an aggressive 4 – rib tread pattern that guarantees excellent traction in all terrains and excellent all – round driving stability. Its V- angled groove shape optimizes self-cleaning for stone and mud ejection. Improved casing durability and resistance to radial bursts are supported by the strong resilient sidewalls.


Yana LTC3

Built for smooth, muddy or rugged terrain
It has an improved lug shape that enables superior traction and braking force especially in mud and rugged terrain in addition to efficient prevention of stone retention and cracking. Yana LTC3 has high tensile strength nylon body plies encased with nylon breakers which offer superior casing durability and resistance to impact and penetrations.


Yana Fikisha

Reaching new heights on Africa’s roads from the Cape winter to the Pharaoh’s desertsA prolonged wear life, greatly enhanced abrasion resistance and enhanced heat resistance through cool running cap and base tread combination are the key benefits we gain from the tyre’s unique tread compound. Its special 4 – groove tread design facilitates rapid water and mud ejection for higher traction and hydroplaning efficiency. The treads have specially angled grooves to resist stone trapping. Yana Fikisha’s strong resilient sidewall makes it resistant to external damage and kerbing.


Yana Summit

Reliable, competitive, low cost per kilometer tyre
Summit has a specially adapted tread compound that guarantees a prolonged wear life. It also has a specially adapted under – tread for enhanced heat resistance. It has a specially designed tread groove that minimizes stone trapping that causes drilling and punctures. To top it off, it has a strong resilient sidewall that makes it resistant to external damage from kerbs, lose stone and thorns. This provides a smooth off – road ride with super runflat resistance.

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