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Notice Of Change Of Name To Sameer Africa Plc

Following approval by the company’s shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 9thJune 2017, and following receipt of the Certificate of Change of Name from the Registrar of Companies, we wish to inform the general public that the name of the company has changed from Sameer Africa Limited to Sameer Africa PLC.

All contractual relationships and obligations that Sameer Africa Limited has with its customers, partners and other stakeholders will not be affected by this change of name.



By Order of the Board

Edgar Imbamba

Company Secretary

5th February 2018



DISCLAIMER: This announcement is for information purposes only. It has been

issued with the approval of the Capital Markets Authority pursuant to the Capital

Markets (Securities) (Public Offers, Listing and Disclosures) Regulations 2002 as

amended. As a matter of policy, the Capital Markets Authority assumes no

responsibility for the correctness of the statements appearing in this



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