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Overall Winner FiRe Award 2017

FiRe AWARDS 2017

The Financial Reporting (FiRe) award is the most prestigious and coveted award in East Africa for financial reporting. The award is presented annually, during a colorful gala evening hosted by the joint promoters; the Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (PSASB), the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).

For the last sixteen (16) years, the FiRe award has recognized and awarded the best reporting entities in East Africa.

The award is aimed at promoting integrated reporting through enhancing accountability, transparency and integrity in compliance with appropriate financial reporting frameworks and other disclosures on governance and social and environmental reporting by private, public and other entities domiciled in East Africa.

The award is a result of a rigorous evaluation process using globally accepted principles and best practice standards and overseen by some of the best financial experts in the market.

This year saw a total 456 institutions submit their names for the awards the majority of whom came from the public sector. 364 were public financial institutions and 92 came from the private sector.

And here are the FiRe award winners, 2017.

1. Overall winner, FiRe Award

  •  Sameer Africa Limited - Winner

2. Governance Category Award

  •  Sameer Africa Limited - Winner
  •  Barclays Bank of Kenya - 1st runner up
  •  Britam Holdings – 2nd runner up

3. Environmental and Social Reporting Category Award

  •  Umeme - Winner  CEDB Bank PLC – 1st runner up
  •  Sameer Africa Limited – 2nd runner up

4. Integrated Reporting Category Award

  •  Sameer Africa Limited -Winner  Barclays Bank – 1st runner up
  •  KCB Holdings – 2nd runner up

5. Listed Category winners

  •  Sameer Africa Limited - Winner

6. Industrial Commercial & Services Sector Award

  •  Sameer Africa Limited-Winner
  •  Kenol Kobil Limited – 1st runner up
  •  Trans Century Limited – 2nd runner up

7. Country Award  Bank of Kigali - Rwanda

  •  CRDB Bank PLC - Tanzania  Umeme - Uganda
  •  Sameer Africa Limited - Kenya
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